Easy Remote Viewing Security Cameras Inc Systems

If tech isn’t your strong suit but you’re eager to monitor your Security Cameras Inc system from your phone, this guide has got you covered! After you’ve connected your cameras to your recorder and can view them on a screen, simply follow these straightforward steps for free remote access. There’s no need for extensive computer … ادامه

How to Set Up Multicast RTSP Streaming on AvaEye PoE Cameras

If you’re the owner of a new AvaEye PoE camera, you’re likely appreciating its ability to generate superior video. However, the functionalities of your AvaEye camera extend beyond being a regular security camera, with one notable feature being multicast streaming. If you’re developing a custom streaming application or need to send a video stream to … ادامه

How to Use Security Cameras Inc Systems

This guide was specifically made for customers using the NDAA-compliant Security Cameras Inc brand systems and NVR recorders sold by CCTV Camera World. Security Cameras Inc products represent professional-grade surveillance equipment that is ideal not only for residential use but also for businesses and government entities that need to adhere to NDAA standards. Pairing Security … ادامه

Live Stream an Outdoor Camera to YouTube Live

With the rapid decline of traditional media like TV, radio, and newspapers, people now get the majority of their entertainment, news, and cultural engagement from the internet. Livestreaming video on the internet to audiences has become a massive industry thanks to major players such as Google’s YouTube Live, Amazon’s Twitch, and Meta’s Facebook Live. This … ادامه

Simple Networking Commands for Configuring an IP camera

If you’re planning on using a professional IP camera to your home or business computer network, you’re going to have to account for some computer network related configuration to ensure that the camera will be accessible on the local network and viewable from the Internet. Proper camera deployment for a standalone security camera involves running … ادامه

The Power of Audible Warnings and Smart Intrusion Prevention

A Glimpse into the Tech: Specs of the Uniview 8MP HD Bullet Camera The Power of Audible Warning Follow our blog to stay up-to-date with CameraSecurityNow.com and follow us on social media. Join the discussion by commenting below. منبع Smart Intrusion Prevention: A New Level of Accuracy People Flow Counting and Crowd Density Monitoring One … ادامه

Security Cameras in Sports Ensuring Fair Play and Safety

In the ever-evolving landscape of sports, where competition is fierce and the stakes are high, maintaining fairness and safety have become two paramount concerns. As technology continues to weave its way into every aspect of our lives – from our cars and refrigerators to our classrooms and retail stores – sports have embraced its advancements … ادامه

How Security Cameras Aid Wildlife Research and Conservation

Have you ever considered the unexpected heroes in our fight to preserve the planet’s wildlife? With the ecological clock ticking louder each day, our determination to grasp and conserve the intricate tapestry of our natural world becomes more pressing. Most of us associate security cameras with urban settings – the silent observers on building corners … ادامه

Using the AvaEye Config Tool

The AvaEye Config Tool is an integral companion to AvaEye PoE cameras and NVRs, acting as a powerful, centralized hub for all your device management needs. Designed with a user-friendly interface, it provides a convenient platform to configure essential aspects of your cameras’ setup, such as setting IP addresses. This feature allows users to effortlessly … ادامه

How to configure Event Detection on AvaEye Security Camera Systems

In this quick tutorial we show how to set your AvaEye PoE security camera to the correct protocol mode to enable event detection methods called VCA. If you’re unable to configure Smart Event Detection methods such as line crossing or intrusion box, and you’re using AvaEye cameras with an AvaEye NVR, then you simply need … ادامه